Dr Chris Nwanoro MFR (Diplomat). Chairman Board of Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation

Dr Chris Nwanoro is Currently Minister Political at Nigeria High Commission New Delhi, India, former consul Information, Culture and Education also former head Trade and Investment at the Consulate General of Nigeria, New York. He was previously assigned to the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations, New York. He obtained PhD in International Relations from the University of Abuja, Nigeria; an M.Sc. in International Relations from the University of Uyo, Nigeria. Dr Chris Nwanoro is visually impaired.

Despite his disability he has been a Champion for those who suffer from disabilities. He holds the following positions: Publisher for the Disability Voice Magazine; The President and Founder of National Disability Empowerment Forum, Abuja; Chairman/ President of LOTUS Initiative for the Blind, Abuja; President of the West African Association for the Blind; Coordinator for the Emancipation for Persons with Disabilities; Program Director for the Blind Computer Users Association of Nigeria; Vice President of the African Union of Persons with Disabilities; member of the World Blind Council; member International Disability Alliance (IDA) New York, USA. Chairman of the Rivers of Hope Humanitarian Initiative; member Industry Consumer Affairs Advisory Forum (ICAF) of Nigerian Communication Commission and Club member of Rotary Club District 9140. His organization Lotus Initiative for the Blind was awarded ECOSOC Consultative status at the United Nation which enables her to participate in all the United Nations programs including United Nation General Assembly (UNGA).

A prolific writer Dr. Chris Nwanoro has published numerous articles on a variety of subjects: Comparative Analysis of United Nations Peace Keeping in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Former Yugoslavia; United Nations Peace Keeping Missions in Africa; The Non-Proliferation Treaty and its implication; The effect of International Atomic Energy in checking the proliferation of nuclear arms; The role of the United States Foreign Policy towards the third world Countries; How relevant is the Non-Aligned Movement in the Global Affairs today; the effect of Globalization on the Third World today and The various weapons at the disposal of developed countries and their destructive capabilities.

Dr. Chris Nwanoro is indeed” a Man of All Seasons”. He is a staunch advocate for the voiceless and those with disabilities in Nigeria. A recipient of numerous Awards, with the culmination of one of the highest award in Nigeria that of the National Honors Award Member of the Order of Federal Republic (MFR). Prior to his assignment to Nigeria High Commission India, Dr. Chris Nwanoro work experience includes:

  • Consulate General of Nigeria New york USA,
  • Permanent Representative of Nigeria in United Nations New York USA,
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja, Nigeria;
  • Ministry of Corporation and Integration in Africa;
  • Rivers State Government House;
  • Rivers State Ministry of Sport and Social Development;
  • Rivers State Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Social Development and
  • Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd.

He has attended numerous national and international conferences. Most recently he was an African Representative at the National Federation of the Blind, Orlando Florida in 2011. Dr Chris Nwanoro is married and has five Children.

Mr. Baye Osagie Slyvester Isioma - African Project Supervisor of PEUF
Baye Osagie Sylvester Isioma is The Africa Project Supervisor of Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation. Mr Sylvester work at one of Nigeria leading University, the University of Benin, Benin City. With his wealth of Experience globally, He has travelled to so many Countries which includes Russia, France and Argentina all for Sports activities. Mr Baye Osagie Sylvester is presently the Youngest member of the Nigeria Olympic Committee ( NOC) on Education and Culture.
Ify Ukwuani (Mother)

Ify Ukwuani is the mother of Princess Eunice Ukwuani (founder) and the head nurse at Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation.

Dr. Ricky Ukwuani (Brother)

Dr Ricky Ukwuani is the brother to Princess Eunice and the current Chief Medical Coordinator at Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation.